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Just wanted to say "Thank you!" for the great product you developed. We had at least 16" of snow here in Forest Lake (closer to 18", I think!) but the Roof Razor made the job much easier and safer than it would have been. This is my third winter with it, and I am still amazed at its simplicity and efficiency.

- Claus M.
Forest Lake MN

What a great tool !!!!! Seeing is believing.

Crete ND

We took the rake home and standing safely on the ground, was able to remove 80% of the snow in one and a half hours (we had been spending four hours daily to remove about 10% with what we had).

- Rainier OR

I live in South Central Wisconsin and after the winter of 2007, which dumped 100" of snow on us, I decided on a short list of things I absolutely HAD to have before this Winter. One of the items on that list was a roof rake. I began my process of shopping for one in early summer and found MinnSNOWta on the internet. Having never purchased an item like this I was skeptical, but what totally sold me was the MPEG video you had on your website that demonstrated its use. I purchased our Roof Razor® Titan in October. I used it for the first time yesterday after we got hit with @ least 12" of snow in the area northeast of Madison and honestly in my neighborhood when all was said and done we had to have had 18" of snow to contend with. I used my Titan not only on my home, but on two other neighbors' homes as well and all of us were THRILLED with its ease of use, portability and effectiveness. Simply put, it does what YOU say it does. You have not embellished at all and that is why I am writing. The snow is now falling once again as I write this email and I am enjoying much peace of mind regarding protecting my home and my neighbors homes from ice-damming during this and future Winters in Wisconsin.

- Dennis Grejczyk Jr.

With over two to five feet of snow on the roof of a 3100 square foot house, Janet found the Roof Razor® on the Internet. I spoke with Len and listened to his reasons why the Razor was the best tool for the job. Being both skeptical and desperate, I ordered one with an extra 12 feet of poles, figuring either the razor will work or I will get on the roof to remove tons of snow. At my age, it's easier to buy a new tool than use an old back and shovel! UPS delivered the Razor and upon opening the box, I was intrigued by its simplicity and stout design. I still had my doubts! Early the next morning I cleared over two feet of snow on the roof above the master bedroom in less than 10 minutes. All of it now on the deck! I took the razor to the front of the house to try it there. Knowing the snow was about five feet deep between the gables, I figured this would put the Razor to the test. The Razor cut through the snow and it slid down the tarp onto the ground. With 36 feet of poles, I was able to reach the top of the roof and clear the entire house roof. We did get on the roof to break up ice dams and clear snow in the valleys where the Razor just couldn't reach due to all the complex pitches of the houses roof. The Razor saves countless hours of shovel time. Now that I know how well the Razor works, I'd pay many times its price. It works! Now if only MinnSNOWta can design a tool to remove all the snow that fell off the roof onto the deck, driveway, and front porch! (View pictures here.)

- Steve & Janet

I live on the East Bench up against the mountains in Layton, Utah 30 miles north of Salt Lake City as of last Saturday 2/02/2008, I had 27 inches of snow on my roof some drifts were 50 inches deep. My roof was moaning.

I received my Roof Razor® and put it together in 5 minutes and cleared my roof totally in 1 hour and 15 minutes. This includes the drifted compacted portion. Removing it off the driveway and the side walk took much longer but my son in-law and grand kids were a big help. Super Bowl Sunday we received 16 inches more by Monday morning. I was back after it Monday but this time I was able to clear it off much faster because it was not compacted. I am 58 years old and the Roof Razor® is a life saver.

I would recommend this sturdy light weight product to anyone with a big snow load save your roof and save your back.

- Ray Nesslage

I don't normally write companies, however, I received my Roof Razor® today and gave it a try. In a word: Fantastic! Brilliant design and blows away those "roof rakes."  Just wanted to let you know (that's how impressed I was with your product). Thank you.

- Joe D.

We just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and product that you supplied us with for the unique snow removal project that we were involved in at the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Roof Razor® demonstrated quality and durability that were tested to its full extent.

As you know thanks to the Roof Razor® we were able to remove large amounts of snow off of all manner of roof types: Vinyl Tents, Slate Top Roofs, Flat Roofs, Metal Roofs and Single Membrane Roofs on Utility Trailers. The snow depth at some points were up to 36 inch drifts and the Roof Razor® cut and removed even the heaviest of snow with ease.

I have to admit that at first we were a little skeptical that the Roof Razor® would work. It was so light weight that we figured the extension polls (that we extended beyond your recommended point up to 7 extensions long) would bend and not be able to handle the weight. However we were pleasantly surprised to see that even at great lengths the Roof Razor® out performed any other product that was available.

We commend you on your excellent product and customer service. It was nice to finally see someone who cared about the customers and their situations and did whatever they could do to ensure the customer was taken care of. We recommend this product and look forward to a long relationship with you.

- Sutherland Landscaping, Inc.

I bought your Roof Razor® last summer, and didn't get around to putting it together. I got home from work last night to find TEN inches of WET snow on the roof. I was tired from working late, and didn't look forward to the snow removal task. I opened your package, was quite surprised by the heavy duty construction and the quality of your product, and had it assembled in 8 minutes. Even though I have a low pitch, very long roof, I had the entire first ten feet of the roof edge completely cleared of the very dense snow in less than 25 minutes. It actually took me longer to clear off the fallen snow from the driveway than it did to clear the entire roof of snow. I have never had a tool to do this job as quickly and as easily. I am also quite surprised by how inexpensive it was relative to the strong construction. It also breaks down for storage quite easily. I am quite happy with your product, and I intend to spread the word to my friends.

- Dean K.

During our last snowfall, I brought my Roof Razor® down to my local hardware store and demonstrated it to the owner, who is a friend of mine. He was very impressed. I think as more people here see it, you will be hearing from the "North Country" of New Hampshire on a regular basis!
Bill L.

I love the Roof Razor®. First, there was the earth. Later, there were the Packers. Then, the snowblower. And finally, the Roof Razor®.

- E.M.H.

The Roof Razor® did a good job...I'm a 66 year old woman that finds your product great.

- Eileen A.

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Roof Razor® Dynamo Roof Rake

Roof Razor® Dynamo Roof Rake

Residential model. 24" wide. Overall assembled length 24 feet. 10 foot long slide chute. $134.95


Roof Razor® Titan Roof Rake

Roof Razor® Titan Roof Rake

Heavy duty commercial model. 36" wide. Overall assembled length 24 feet. 10 foot long slide chute. $159.95




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